After France….

I left France with Air France. First time in my life. I would prefer Turkish Airlines – a Skytrax award winner so many times… But our subject today is different: How is the barber supply market in France, and in what ways it differs? Is it bigger than Germany? Most probably no. Competition fiercer? Most probably … More After France….

Barber Supply

A game of numbers, a game of volume. Economies of scale play utmost role. Most probably it is valid for all the businesses.   In a market of high competition and lack of size, barber supply business all over the world suffers vs. beauty supply – I mean women products. As a result barber supply … More Barber Supply

Barber Battle 2018 in Holland

Homepage It was nice. Mainly local players of the barber supply business in Holland were there. Fun, interaction, exchange of industry know-how. Mainly barbers, but also wholesalers, distributors, brand owners… Thanks to all who have contributed… Naci Kanar The Barber Supplier

US Market

Barber supply business takes place in US market in a completely different way, I believe. This is something I was able to observe during my visit there…. – bigger scale – huge population of one big market, – consumption oriented consumer habits, – purchasing power of individuals, – strong dollar All result in one thing … More US Market

John Wick

I love this film. And I try to derive lessons for barber supply business. This is my favourite: “John is a man of focus…commitment…& sheer will.” What about this: FORTIS FORTUNA ADIUVAT “Fortune Favours the Bold” Both make sense for me in the barber supply business. See you later, guys…. Naci Kanar The Barber Supplier

Barber Connect 2018

Cosy, lovely, barbers only. New contacts, partly same faces, only barber supply discussed. Wahl dominant, Andis existent, main UK furniture sellers vibrant…. And we were prominent all-items seller – blades, neck paper, razors, barber cologne etc etc. Not huge show, but the best of barber supply in the UK. We hope to be here next … More Barber Connect 2018