Barber Supply – profitability problem

There is a problem. A problem in how barber suppliers in Europe perceive success, plan sustainability, and evaluate results. Particularly in the ethnic market where Turkish operators take place, it looks as if companies not only work to earn money, but earn to exist: – low profitability – establishment of competitiveness solely on price – … More Barber Supply – profitability problem

“Barber Supply” À la française

Valued at €77 billion at retail sales price in 2016, the European cosmetics and personal care market is the largest in the world. The largest national markets for cosmetics and personal care products within Europe are Germany (€13 billion), United Kingdom (€11.5 billion), France (€11.4 billion), and Italy (€9.9 billion). (Cosmetics Europe, Personal Care Association) … More “Barber Supply” À la française

Barber Supply vs. Beauty Supply

Go to Google, type “Barber Supply” and check what you see. My observation is the following: – A century ago barber supply was important. There were considerably important barber supply companies – like Koken Brothers. – Something happened and those companies disappeared. Mostly. – Maybe barber supply function became a sub category at beauty supply … More Barber Supply vs. Beauty Supply

What is the next BIG THING for barber supply business?

The ecosystem of barbers is not organized retail. Thousands of barbers all over the cities. It is no easy job to visit them all, for barber suppliers. It is not easy job to sell them products just by visiting them physically. And quite expensive.   It will change. The way barbers buy their stuff will … More What is the next BIG THING for barber supply business?

Too many, or too few?

When we are talking about hair wax, we need to go to Turkey. The most competitive producers / brands in the economy segment in the world are located right there. Gummy, Morfose, RedOne, Nish Man, Agiva, Eagle Force, Immortal, Bandido, Super Wax – ones that come to one’s mind, immediately. Within last year alone, number … More Too many, or too few?